Silo transport

TREN-CARGO Silo Logistik has stood for intelligent solutions for years.
Almost all types of loose goods such as waste, building materials, cement, fertilizer, salt, chemicals, granulate, PVC, soda, gypsum, lime, dolomite, etc. are transported by us in suitable silos throughout Europe.

Whether transport in a tipping silo (volume from 40 m³ to 64 m³), or horizontal silo (from 34 m³ to 45 m³), we are happy to take on your tasks.

In addition, we can also offer you individual problem solutions.

For example: ensiling, filling into Big Bag / Octabins or filling of Big Bag / Octabins into silo vehicles with Europe-wide collection or delivery.

Our motivated team is looking forward to your inquiries.


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