Storage logistics

TREN-CARGO offers flexible storage concepts from short-term intermediate storage over permanent outsourcing of logistic and production processes to complete purchasing and distribution logistics.

  • block and high rack storage areas
  • transfer depots
  • steel and bar storage
  • recycling depots
  • open depots



Addresses of our warehouse and external warehouses


TREN-CARGO Zentrallager

(Code: TIT 1)

Herrenstraße 54

D 94104 Tittling


TREN-CARGO Aussenlager

(Code: VOF 1)

Windgasse 7

D 94550 Künzing


TREN-CARGO Aussenlager

(Code: VOF 2)

Ottacher Straße 33

D 94486 Osterhofen



TREN-CARGO Aussenlager

(Code: HUT 4)

Gewerbepark 10

D 94116 Hutthurm